| Setting Up a Blessing Foundation |

This section is for individuals who would like to become part of the program and help spread training in the Word of God.
The body of Christ in the Philippines needs FULL MOBILIZATION to spread the gospel in these end times. All adult members should enroll in a systematic Bible training. God’s manpower is being wasted for lack of training. If there are 50-100 adult church members in a congregation, those potential workers of God sit idly in the pews, without much use for lack of systematic Bible training. They can be trained to win 100-200 more souls for Christ. As it is, they are poorly trained and will not be of much help to evangelize their community. Those who are not being trained will be a burden for the church and would just drag down the growth & progress of their congregation. Our “massive training program” would help many local churches grow at rapid pace.

We offer Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) to local churches to assist their members grow rapidly in the Bible. There is no substitute in the Bible study on a daily basis. Well-trained believers would be able to share the gospel effectively. Sad to say, many church members are Bible-illiterate and cannot articulate the gospel. Many attend church service once or twice a week and that’s about the extent of their church involvement. Lack of Bible training among church members is one of the biggest problems facing the local church. The recent survey of the local churches in the Philippines is not very encouraging. The average church size is roughly 50 members. Many local churches plateau at around 100 members and can’t move forward. Pastors do most of the witnessing through his home Bible study and predictably, their church growth is very slow. In contrast, the whole church can be mobilized to witness to the community through massive Bible training; propelling rapid church growth.

Example of Rapid Church Growth:
1st Year – 50 Well Trained believers winning 3 souls in one year = 150 new believers
2nd year – 200 Well Trained believers winning 3 souls in one year = 600 new believers
3rd year – 800 Well Trained believers winning 3 souls in one year = 2,400 new believers

Bible Correspondence Course Fee. P125.00 per lesson per month
P50.00 – Given to the local pastor per lesson per month less printing cost of lessons.
P40.00 – Given to the micro finance program per lesson per month
P20.00 – To BTYM operating expenses
P15.00 – To coordinator
P125.00 – Total

The Bible Correspondence Course covers the entire New Testament, from the book of Matthew to Revelation. A lesson goes over a book, chapter by chapter. The student must pass a quiz after each lesson at the end of each month to move to the next lesson. Each quiz will be graded and must pass the lesson in order to move to the next lesson. It is required that one verse, from the lesson being covered, be memorized to encourage familiarity with the Bible. Active learning and thorough familiarity with the new Testament will bring confidence to church members and encourage them to share the gospel. The cults have rapidly grown in number through their mandatory training of their members. INC is as large if not larger than the evangelicals in the Philippines. INC was started by just one man – Felix Manalo and has grown through their massive training. Apollo Quiboloy, a cultist in Mindanao has increased his membership to over a million in just 10 years through their massive training. If they can do it, we can do it better. There is no doubt that systematic training is the key to rapid church growth. If there is one big problem facing the body of Christ in the Philippines, it is lack of systematic Bible training.

Our Bible Correspondence Course is written both in English and Tagalog. The English version could easily be translated into the dialect of the region if needed. The course is good for 2 or 4 years. It takes 4 years to study the New Testament in its entirety. A Certificate of Completion is given upon graduation.

The cost of each month’s lesson of P125.00 is affordable. It is a cost of one lunch. For those who can’t afford it, the church can set up a fund raising project to raise the needed amount for those needy church members. Church members should be encouraged to raise P125.00 each month for the BCC lesson. They must learn to be creative selling some products to earn them some money. All adult members who can read and write should take up this course to mobilize the entire church. It must be presented as the most important church project where all adult members are participating. This BCC program must continually be promoted with some testimonials to further encourage church members to continue the course. After several months of continuous promotion and testimonials, the whole church will be motivated to continue with the course. From time to time, pastors should preach on the given BCC lessons to further make their members be attentive to the BCC lessons.

We send each lesson through e-mail and the pastor would then download it and make copies. Pastors should try to collect the fees ahead of time so everyone is up to date with their payments. Some would be reluctant to continue if they fall way behind in their lesson fees. As a guide to the pastors, they should not fail anyone among taking the BCC lessons; unless necessary. Extra positive comment on the quiz paper would further motivate church members to do their best to study the lessons. Giving many good comments like “Good Job!”, “Excellent job”, “You’re greatly improving!” would be well received by the students. Giving high grades of “A” & “B” must be done. Failing grade of “F” must be seldom use unless necessary.

Preferably, each lesson must start at the first week of the month and lessons to be collected at the last week of the month. BCC students must be conditioned that they have to finish their lesson at the last week of each month. The effect of studying the Bible on a daily basis would be noticeable after a year. BCC students would be keener on what the Bible says and more focused on the Sunday sermons. The real advantage for the pastors on this BCC lessons would be the rapid growth of their congregation. They would be multiplying themselves many times over through this massive Bible training. Imagine giving training to their members 365 days a year.


Micro finance is a proven great program to help the poor elevate themselves from poverty. It started in India and the program has spread out around the world. The concept is so sound that Dr. Yunus who started the concept put seed money of $200.00 to help some poor families in India. It has grown exponentially and the asset now of his foundation is over $3Billion.

In our program, we are now incorporating micro finance program. It is set up so that qualified and able church members can borrow loans without any security. Those BCC students who have been enrolled for 1-2 years are qualified to apply for a loan. There are countless home based businesses that can be set up, but lack starting capital for most poor families. Our program would like to play a big role in helping our brethren get ahead in life.

Following the “massive training program”, I would urge you to set up a FOUNDATION later on to handle the micro finance operation to assist hard-up believers. To further encourage everyone to take up our “massive training program” or BCC, they would need to enroll to avail of our micro finance program. Only BCC students taking our course in 1-2 years can participate in the micro finance program. The loan committee would select the best prospects among loan applicants on a first come first serve basis. The prospect of church members being able to get a loan would motivate them to enroll in our BCC program. They have now no choice but to join our BCC program to be part of the micro finance program. Those who are prompt with their loan payments can borrow bigger loan in the future. The loan ranges from P1,250.00 – P250,000.00 and subject to fund availability. Those taking BCC lessons can participate in the micro finance program once it is set up. We want everyone to be trained. We also want to help hard-up believers with the aid of micro finance program. These are the steps to be taken:

1. Start preparing to set up a foundation for the micro finance operation. This is your foundation and separate and independent from us. You would create your own board and officers. Assign an able leader to handle its day to day operation, but you will act as the chairman of the board. This operation would also be separate from the church to avoid conflict of interest and problems. Let your key church leaders know your plan. You would need their help. Initially, it could under the church and operate as a foundation later on.

2. Here is what is super: To generate funds for the micro finance operation, we would waive and give the money intended for our office and channel it to your foundation. Whatever fees that will be going to our ministry will be given to your ministry. We’ll only allocate P20.00 per lesson to help us with our operating expenses. This will jumpstart your effort. You would receive all the income intended for our office. In 1-2 years, the money will be enough to start the micro finance program.

How to achieve these goals:

1. Your first goal is to invite 25-50 pastors to participate in the BCC training program. That would be your initial step. The second phase would be to invite 100 pastors to participate. It would be easy to invite pastors once they see how our progressive program could greatly help them.

2. Assuming you have 50 pastors participating in our BCC program and each church has 50 students: 50 churches X 50 students = 2,500 students. The share of the micro finance program is P40.00 per lesson. 2,500 students X P40.00 = P100,000.00 monthly or P1,200,000.00 a year. You’ll also receive the coordinator’s fee of P15.00 per student monthly. 2,500 students X P15.00 = P37,500.00 monthly. The combine income would be enough seed money for you to start the micro finance program. Your foundation would start to generate more income as loan borrowers would start to pay their monthly loan payments. The legal interest charge for unsecured loan is 25%. If you deduct 10% for operating expenses, it would give you 15% growth each year.

3. In 5 years, the asset of your foundation would be around P8-12 Million. P20-40 millions in 10 years. You can double these amounts if there are 100 pastors participating. Dr. Yunus who pioneered micro finance concept started with $200.00 and his foundation mushroomed to over $3 BILLION today. Micro finance program is a sound business operation able to help many poor families. It will be a great testimony to unbelievers seeing how we are helping our brethren.

This plan will work. This is definitely a viable system. I’m a seasoned business person and I know what works. This is a winning strategy to involve pastors in training their church members and getting church members to participate in this great undertaking. The result of the effort would truly be phenomenal and far reaching. We would be able to hit many regions. It would counter the moves of the cults with our massive Bible training. With this program, we would accomplish three things:

1. Help pastors financially
2. Give massive Bible training to church members
3. Help needy church members through micro finance program

It is interesting to note that Brazil has narrowed the wealth gap between the rich and the poor in the last decade. Nearly 22 million Brazilians rose out of poverty during the decade. It coincides with the rapid rise of the evangelicals through massive Bible training. Along with the massive Bible training, many Brazilian have engaged in different kinds of home based businesses. It is clearly showing like what Brazil has shown that giving massive Bible training, coupled with the micro finance program could lift up a struggling country like the Philippines.

You would be most effective employing this sound strategy. If you are confined to just one church, you would probably reach 300-500 souls in 10 years. However, by doing this system, you would be reaching tens of thousands of souls. For every local church you help develop, you would generate phenomenal church growth. This is a BIG MINISTRY.

I’ve asked the Spirit of God to help me with a system that would create rapid results and He gave me this counsel. It’s truly awesome how this ministry came about. I couldn’t possibly conceive the different components added to this ministry. The Lord wants us to do this great undertaking. It will bring much harvest of souls.

Let us seize these awesome opportunities for this new year. The month of March is practically gone. We need to make our move.

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