| FAQ’s |

  1. What are BCC lessons?  The BCC program provides daily Bible training to our students.  The daily study and meditation of the Word of God would rapidly accelerate the spiritual growth of the students.  One lesson for each month or 12 lessons a year. 
  2. How long is the course?  2 or 4 years.  It is not for accreditation purposes, but we give a Certificate of Completion upon graduation.  Students can quit at any time but not advisable.
  3. How much does it cost?  Our special offer:  Our greatly reduced price saves students money. The lesson fee is heavily discounted and it’s now only $15.00 per lesson in the U.S.  Our fee was $30.00 per lesson. Now, it is only $15.00 to make affordable to everyone.  In the Philippines, our previous offer was P250.00 and it’s P125.00 per lesson in the Philippines.  Many Bible schools  offer a 2-year course for $30,000.00.  Our cost per lesson is equivalent to one good lunch. 
  4. Do students need to take it all at the same time?  No.  Beginners will start at lesson 1, but other advanced students would simultaneously be taking lesson 2, 3 & so forth.  Pastors must submit the names of students and the lesson # being taken for each month. 
  5. What are the benefits to the students? The daily study of the Bible will make them grow deeper in faith.  As they grow with their Bible knowledge, they will be more inclined to share the gospel with others. 
  6. How do we receive these lessons?  For individuals, we will e-mail each lesson each month. Participating local churches will download and print each lesson for their students.
  7. What is the restriction?  These lessons are prohibited to be shared with others; except with the spouse. 
  8. What are the effects on the congregation?  The congregation will become vibrant and spiritually strong.  Members will be motivated to share the gospel. 
  9. What is your group affiliation? We are a non-denominational group.
  10. Is this course really necessary?  In many church surveys, most church members are feeling spiritually weak and defeated for lack of Bible training.  Many local church members are Bible illiterate.  They are easily intimidated and have NO BOLDNESS AT ALL.
  11. Common mistake of many local churches?    Without a systematic Bible training like the BCC, the participation of many church members is confined to mainly attending church services.  It develops boredom, non-commitment and apathy among members.
  12. How soon can we start this BCC program?  Immediately.  Interested students can send their names and initial payment to enroll and immediately start the program. Participating local churches can send the list of interested students along with their initial payment to enroll and start the program. We advise local churches for their first-time students to start the BCC program on the first day of the month.
  13. Is it easy to launch this BCC program?  The pastor and church leaders must promote this program church wide to create excitement; giving full emphasis of its importance.  After giving careful and proper promotions, members should be invited to take this course as soon as possible. This course must continuously be promoted; asking students to give testimonials to build up the desire among members to finish the BCC course

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