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We are now open for enrollment. Fill up the application form for enrollment. The fee for each lesson has been reduced to only P125.00 payable each month. In the U.S., it’s $15.00 per lesson per month. There are no restrictions and our students can stop at any time, but we greatly discourage it. The only restriction that we imposed is no sharing of lessons to others. Only the spouse should study the lessons being given.

After enrolling, the student will be guided through the payment and reception process. Please send payments and/or questions to the email and mailing addresses provided. These will be the same addresses which a student (or BCC leader/pastor) will contact in order to send and receive their lessons.

To receive an enrollment form, please request through email “BCC.Blessings@gmail.com” or through mail at 25652 Rimgate Drive 8D, Lake Forest, CA 92630.

You may also download the enrollment form here (then print-and-mail or email it online):

Click Here to Download.


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