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The Bible Correspondence Courses’ aim is to help in equipping the saints in the Word of God. It is a non-denominational educational training program. There is a lesson for each month (12 lessons in a year).

The course covers the entire New Testament, from the book of Matthew to Revelation. Each lesson goes over a particular book, chapter by chapter, in chronological order. The student must pass a quiz after each lesson at the end of each month to move to the next lesson. Each quiz will be graded and must pass the lesson in order to move to the next lesson. It is required that one verse, from the lesson being covered, be memorized to encourage familiarity with the Bible. Active learning and thorough familiarity with the new Testament will bring confidence to church members and encourage them to share the gospel. The cults have rapidly grown in number through their mandatory training of their members. INC is as large if not larger than the evangelicals in the Philippines. INC was started by just one man – Felix Manalo and has grown through their massive training. Apollo Quiboloy, a cultist in Mindanao has increased his membership to over a million in just 10 years through their massive training. If they can do it, we can do it better. There is no doubt that systematic training is the key to rapid church growth. If there is one big problem facing the body of Christ in the Philippines, it is lack of systematic Bible training.

Our Bible Correspondence Course is written both in English and Tagalog. The English version could easily be translated into the dialect of the region if needed. The course is good for 2 or 4 years. It takes 4 years to study the New Testament in its entirety. A Certificate of Completion is given upon graduation. After receiving your Certificate, you will become eligible to participate in Setting Up a Blessing Foundation as well as becoming an ambassador of Blessings To You Ministry.

Upon receiving your Certificate of Completion, you will also be automatically gain access to 5 more higher level introductory lessons:

  • Apologetics: Defending Your Faith
  • Evangelism: Street Guide
  • World Religions: Points and Problems
  • Creationism: Science and the Bible
  • Politics: Policies of God


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