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Louie De Guzman
Early on, while studying at Asian Theological Seminary, Louie Deguzman saw the need to have Bible correspondence course. It was a worthy goal and it was given real emphasis in the seminary. It makes a lot of sense with the difficulties of many church members to enroll in Bible school. Hence, Bible correspondence course would be the best next thing. However, in spite of its great need, no one has actually launched a campaign to bring systematic study of the Bible via Bible correspondence course. The key to the spiritual growth of the body of Christ in the Philippines and elsewhere is through a massive training of the Bible. The need for it cannot be overemphasis; as the cults are growing rapidly through their training and indoctrination of their members.

With this important need, an effort to start a systematic Bible correspondence course was launched. It has become a commitment to encourage church leaders to rally their church members to study their Bible daily. Blessings To You Ministry is focused on giving Bible correspondence course to local churches.

Louie Deguzman has an extensive background in the field of education. He headed one of the largest technical school in country, Guzman College of Science & Technology for many years. He is a believer of giving training to the youth. He finished his master in Christian Studies at ATS. The years of being involved in education and his training received from ATS qualifies him to start a Bible correspondence course, geared in accelerating spiritual growth among church members. Sad to say, many believers are Bible illiterate and cannot effectively share the gospel. The Bible correspondence being offered would help BCC students to learn the Bible and would be trained how to share the gospel.

It is the vision of the founder of BTYM to have multitude of believers seasoned in learning their Bible and effective in sharing the gospel to the lost.

Don Zacarias P. De Guzman:

“My father was born in 1913 in San Miguel, Bulacan in the Philippines. He lost his father at an early age and became very self supporting and learned self reliance. After WW2, the Philippines was barely recovering from the massive destruction of war. Most cities and towns were in ruins and the citizens were aimless and finding way to survive. My father saw the need of training our people who were mostly looking for jobs, to have vocational skills to find employments. That need prompted him to start a driving school and it was followed by offering automotive and diesel courses. The school has added many other courses through the years. With the growing expansion of the school, he felt he need more training and took sabbatical leave to the U.S. to earn himself a degree in Tool Engineering. Through his patience and persistence, the school gain prominence and it just keep growing. The school has become so well known that leading politicians would be invited on graduation to challenge the graduates. He received many outstanding achievement awards as one of the pioneer in providing technical education to our citizen. He became member of the Rotary Club, Balintawak Community Club, Association of technical schools in the Philippines and many other civic organization. He also was successful in land investment and turn raw lands into low cost housing subdivision. He was also a big contributor to FEBC, a radio broadcasting company and other Christian organizations involved in Bible teachings.

I have learned much knowledge from observing my father in his pursuit of training young men and women. He felt it was his calling to contribute to rebuilt our devastated country from four years of horrible war. He lived a fruitful life. Married to our mother, Placida, who gave him total encouragement and support. They were blessed with 10 children with many grandchildren. I, together with my siblings caught on in our father’s calling to keep training young people with vocational skills, to help them with good employments. Early on, he taught the value of hard work and dedication to achieve our goals in life. It was from our father that we learned the value of providing good training to young men and women. He died in 1985, leaving a wonderful legacy of helping thousands of graduates in technical training. He was a humble man and had never forgotten his humble beginning.”

Brief Testimony:

“Being exposed and trained in business at an early age, the negative influenced of friends and business associates led me to living a reckless and worldly life. Money was no problem and I indulged myself on all kinds of worldly pleasure. However, the fun didn’t last very long and series of depression soon set in and dominate my spirit. There was a feeling of great loneliness and I felt a huge vacuum in my spirit. I knew then that there was definitely something wrong in my life and that there was more to life than just indulging in worldly activities. In that lonely state, I found mercy in the sight of God and I was led to attend a Christian fellowship closed to where I lived. It was in that fellowship that I surrender my life to Christ. It was a dramatic change, like night and day, and I renounced my former worldly life and started seeking the Lord. For the first time, I experienced real peace and joy in my spirit. There was also a deep hunger to know His Word and I committed myself to study the Bible. It was the beginning of a fulfilling life. For over 40 years now, it is a privilege to serve the Lord in various capacity. The Lord brought me to a spiritual journey, many ups and downs, molding my character in the process. Through it all, the good Lord masterfully shaped my life in a way that only Him can envisioned. I give glory to the Lord for all the wonderful things He has done to my life and to my loved ones. It is my earnest desire and commitment to give my best of the remaining years of my life. I count it all joy serving the Lord.”

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